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    Youth Groups To Hold Rallies Across Nigeria Against Hate Speech


    A coalition of Nigerian youth groups has announced a plan to hold rallies across Nigeria next month against “domination, secession and hate speeches”.

    In a statement signed by its conveners, Olajide Adekanye and Ibrahim Bello, the coalition said the rallies were being organised under the aegis of “I am for One Nigeria” initiative.

    The statement said the events would commence with a major rally in Abuja on October 1. It said it was in response to yearnings in Nigeria and concerns of the international community for peace and harmony of the country.

    “We, are a coalition of youth groups with strong convictions in the One Nigeria Project.

    “We have decided to act against hate speeches, toxic agitations and lame criticisms by offering viable alternatives through dialogue and patriotic actions that bind us together as a nation,” the group said in the statement.

    “We are against any move or attempt to dominate, divide or disintegrate Nigeria and we have decided to proffer solution to agitations and ensure peaceful coexistence of all Nigerians.

    “As responsible citizens, we are determined to preserve the unity, cohesion and togetherness of Nigeria, including promoting the respect of our diversity and the values of solidarity, equal opportunities and human rights among Nigerians.”

    The group said it plans the rallies as a “detoxifying process”, saying it believes that the “integrity and glorious independence of Nigerians as a people must not be undermined”.

    “We are not unaware that the earlier threats of quit notice was to commence on that day. These have affected the sanctity of that day, hence our intervention to change the narrative of our great nation.

    “As concerned young Nigerians and stakeholders, we would be championing the youth-resource as the next cornerstone of development that is factually bigger than oil, to unlock the hidden potentials of Nigeria.

    “Our focus is to ensure that all hands are busy championing the genuine cause of this nation.”

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