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    Why men cheat (2)


    Cheating by men has always attracted researchers’ attention. And reasons men stray have been as diverse as they are bewildering.

    Nigerian men and women spoke about the reasons men they know cheat.

    Here are the reasons they claim men stray…


    Christopher Nwoko

    If a lady is not giving the man personal satisfaction, it will serve as an excuse while he is cheating. And also dirtiness is an excuse but no man will tell his girlfriend or wife to her face as the case may be.


    Mary Adeola

    I think the inability of the lady to satisfy the man’s urge or desire and unnecessary complain over a bond of marriage.


    Wale Kayode

    Personally, I will give an excuse for cheating if what first attracted me to her is no more in place. I detest dirtiness. If she is fond of it, I won’t take it likely with her.


    Ogechi Ife

    The inability to know what your man wants at the right time can give him the go-ahead to cheat and give you excuses. Also, laziness too is a disease that scares men away to cheat a lot.


    Adejor Peter

    A man cheats when his woman doesn’t satisfy him as much he desires. If she is not looking good too, it will be an excuse why he is cheating on her because men are moved by what they see.


    Maryjane Ukaegbu

    I believe packaging is one of the main things. If a lady is too loose, a man will see that as an excuse why he is looking out for other ladies. Also if he doesn’t prepare his meals on time he will look for a way out.


    Philips Akinfenwa

    When the man is having the urge to satisfy his sexual desires and his woman is nowhere to be found, he goes out to suit himself and at the end, he will always say that it is the work of the devil.


    Lilian Ogbonna

    If a woman is dirty and lazy, doesn’t know what his man wants at the right time, the man will see it as a reason for him to cheat because the lady is not stepping up to why he married her.


    Segun Adio

    A man can give excuses for cheating when his woman is not sexy. He goes out to have fun when a woman is dirty, lazy and unkempt. He can also give excuses if his woman is a bad cook and doesn’t satisfy his numerous need.


    Yinka Akindele

    Unable to know what your man wants can make him see reasons he should cheat. More importantly, a man sees reasons to cheat if his woman doesn’t satisfy his sexual urge.


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