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    Why men cheat


    Cheating by men has always attracted researchers’ attention. And reasons men stray have been as diverse as they are bewildering.

    Nigerian men spoke about the reasons men they know cheat.

    Here are the reasons they claim men stray…


    Mr Olaniyan

    The man may say his wife is denying him sex on regular basis. There are some men that can’t do without sex, once their wife denies them often, they would look outside for alternative.

    Some women are also not good in bed. Aside the fact that a woman must be ready for her man, she must be good in bed as well.


    Amos Kayode

    Some men would say their woman has no manner of approach and they can push their men to the wall by nagging uncontrollably.

    They might also complain of the fact that she does not know how to cook.


    Tope Akilo

    Not all women are romantic, most of them are not active in bed. The test your wife fails, other women can pass it. Before you know it, you will be attracted to such women.


    Daniel Ajegba

    Some men are naturally greedy of women, they can’t control their libido. Men may even say their wife is bossy, they call the shot for sex and decide the frequency for having sex.


    Janet Collins

    Men complain that their wives are losing shape from the beautiful, sexy and slim woman they married. Some will even tell you their wife believe sex is only for child bearing.


    Bukola Kayode

    Some men would say men are wired to cheat, it is a natural instinct in them.

    Some would say men get carried away by what they see. Once they see a lady’s boobs and backside, they get carried away and before you know it, they are cheating on their wives.


    Abiodun Ikape

    One of the excuses is that she does not listen to them, she does not give them the required attention they need. And she does not create room for communication, most especially when they want to make important decisions.


    Abidemi Anthony

    Most men complain that their wives are not good in bed. They are not adventurous and creative in bedroom matters. They can also say that she has gained so much weight that it is affecting their sex life.


    Shola Dickson

    The only excuse I have heard is that their wives are not cooperative when it comes to sex.

    A friend once told me his wife is not caring and attentive at home and he got all the attention outside.


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