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    White Restaurant Owner Pleads Guilty To Enslaving & Physically Abusing Black Mentally Disabled Employee Over A Five Year Period

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    What the actual fuck!!!

    A white restaurant owner in South Carolina named Bobby Paul Edwards is now facing a maximum of 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to enslaving and physically abusing a developmentally disabled black employee over a five-year period.

    In a news release put out by the Department of Justice on Tuesday, we learn that Edwards pleaded guilty to one count of enforced labor of John Christopher Smith. He admitted to using violence, threats, and intimidation to make Smith work more than 100 hours a week without pay.

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    Smith, who has been diagnosed with delayed cognitive development, is now in his thirties, but had been working for the restaurant since he was 12. The abuse began in 2009 when Edwards became manager of the establishment. The release described Edwards' behavior of beating Smith with a belt and yelling racial slurs at him. To make Smith work faster, Edwards would hit him with pots and pans and burn his bare neck using hot tongs.

    In October 2014, Smith was removed from the restaurant after cops received a complaint about the abuse.

    Assistant Attorney General John Gore said in the statement:

    "Human trafficking through forced labor can happen on farms, in homes, and as today's case shows, in public places, such as restaurants. Edwards abused an African-American man with intellectual disabilities by coercing him to work long hours in a restaurant without pay. Combatting human trafficking by forced labor is one of the highest priorities of this Justice Department and today's guilty plea reflects our commitment to seeking justice on behalf of victims of human trafficking."

    Edwards' sentencing date has not been scheduled. We certainly hope justice is served.

    [Image via Horry County Sheriff's Department.]

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