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    What In Culture Appropriation Is Stella McCartney’s Spring 2018 Collection!?

    “How are you going to use African culture as your “inspiration” yet not even attempt to have African women represented on your runway?”– Amara Nwosu.



    African fashion twitter was buzzing with opinions on these series of Ankara pieces, and let’s just say they weren’t exactly delighted by it. Personally, I feel like, if you’re going to appropriate culture, the least you can do is make it pretty. Africans reinvented dutch wax and gave it clout now one oyibo wants to come and use it to sew ugly ugly tins. I’m upset. This is why everyone needs to check out Kamdora’s ankara series and see the wonders that black ppl do with ankara.

    Anyhoo, check out the photos below and let me know if you think the outrage is justified…

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