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    Wednesday's outage of Facebook apps was due to a "server configuration change"

    On Wednesday, Facebook experienced a major but partial outage that lasted most of the day. In my personal experience, I first noticed this when I tried to send a photo through Facebook Messenger and it kept failing, although I was still able to send and receive messages. Later in the day, I realized WhatsApp was also experiencing issues when I couldn’t send messages.

    On Thursday, Facebook tweeted that the interruption of many Facebook and its family of apps and services was due to a server configuration change. Everything seemed back to normal for me later on Wednesday night. According to CNN the outage had lasted over 14 hours.

    As of Thursday afternoon, Facebook’s issue has been resolved and its systems are recovering. We hope that this is just a coincidence that the same day as Facebook’s outage, The New York Times had released a major report that Facebook is under criminal investigation when two undisclosed companies were subpoenaed for detailed reports.

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