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    Watch a hood fly off a Toyota Camry, nearly hit a Jeep

    Make sure your hood is latched securely shut before you get on a freeway. That's the takeaway lesson from this video (warning: salty language), which captures the moment a bonnet is ripped off a Toyota Camry and flies through the air as it speeds down a freeway in suburban Milwaukee.

    Thanks to a rear-facing dash dam, we can see that the Camry's hood is ajar as it approaches and passes the filming vehicle on a freeway near Menomonee Falls, Wis. After the car passes, the hood suddenly flies up and breaks free, fluttering in the air like a leaf made of rigid, heavy sheetmetal.

    It clears the host vehicle but comes close to striking the trailing car, which appears to be a Jeep Cherokee.
    The Camry continues for some distance after the mishap before finally deciding to pull over, eliciting a profane exclamation from our driver.

    Be careful out there, folks. Latch your hoods and secure your loads.

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