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    Wanger Ayu SS18 – In [Restless] Motion for SS18

    “It’s the Nigerian dream; of growth, of peace, of stability.
    It is the Nigerian spirit; of dexterity, resilience, of thriving against all odds.
    It’s the Nigerian heart; of happiness, of humour, of hope.
    It’s the Nigerian story; of wanting more, of wanting to do more, of wanting to be more.
    We are constantly in restless motion, because nothing meaningful grows in a comfort zone.” WangerAyu
    Sticking to their design vision of constantly elevating basics, Wangerayu’s In (RESTLESS) Motion debunks the idea of Comfort Zoning clothes and pushes for fashion in a steady state of evolving through its experimental thrive on the motion.That good clothing should possess a sense of humour, the kind that grows from their brand to others.
    In Restless Motion explores on the thoughts of a process, the imaginary notion of garments perceived as a human person and it’s essence to grow into its Self, by itself, with itself and for itself.
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