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    Uganda: Army Recovers Two Smoke Bombs in Mubende Scrap Store

    Mubende — The Army on Friday detonated two smoke grenades found in a metal scrap store in Kasambya Town Council, Mubende District in central Uganda.

    Before the detonation, Paul Kiveyiganga who operates the scrap shop at Katwe Central Village in Kasambya Town Council was hit by falling debris from the store after an explosion.

    "I heard a loud bang that was followed by sudden flames. When I tried to run away, some falling debris from the damaged store hit me," Kiveyiganga said.

    Kiveyiganga's neighbour, Ms Jalia Namuyamba, said she heard an explosion which was followed by huge flames and thick smoke from the scrap store.

    "There after, Kiveyiganga's house was completely destroyed to ashes," she said.

    Brig Sunday Dues, the Kabamba Military Academy community liaison officer, said when they combed the rubbles, they recovered two tins of smoke bombs which residents might have picked as scrap from Kabamba shooting grounds.

    "Among other items that we discovered are the misfired cartridges of ammunitions which were used during training some time back and people could have picked them to get quick money," Brig Dues said.

    Ms James Bichasi, an officer attached to the police bomb squad, urged the public to be vigilant and report any strange looking objects to authorities.

    "I strongly caution scrap dealers against buying any materials brought to them. Not everything that looks like a metal is scrap, some items are meant to be handled by only a classified group of people like the police and the army," he said.

    Mr Martin Okoyo, the Mubende District police commander, said they have detained Kiveyiganga, who is currently nursing injuries to help them with investigations.

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