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    Tunisia:Gabes - Exports of Geothermal Early Crops Up

    Tunis/Tunisia — Exports of geothermal early crops in the governorate of Gabes reached 14 thousand tonnes until June 2018, against 9,700 tonnes in the same period of last year.

    Among these products are mainly tomatoes of very good quality exported to the European markets and the Gulf countries, said Amel Ghiloufi, head of plant production at the Regional Commission for Agricultural Development in Gabes.

    The cultivation of geothermal crops is widespread especially in El Hamma where the areas reached 128 hectares.

    In the region, 11 companies and 40 small farmers operate in this agricultural activity.

    During the past season, the production of geothermal early crops in the Gabes region was 25 million tonnes, of which 12 thousand tonnes were exported.

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