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    Tottenham departures likely before end of transfer window, says Pochettino

    "If some player is not happy because he needs to play or believes he can play more at another team, or needs to change the environment, or needs a new challenge or motivation, I told them that I am open to find the solution.

    "I want people who feel happy to be involved here every day, happy to be in the place that the manager, who is the boss, puts you, and I think that is the only way to success.

    "If we are 25 players, 40 or 50 staff, fans, board altogether, working for the same objective, which is to win games. That is why I am so open to fix problems. I don't want anyone upset or unhappy, or with negative feelings here.

    "It is so clear the rules. It is so clear my message. I promise I am going to fix it if someone is not happy to be here for the next five months until the transfer window opens again. All people here need to feel they can be part of the team, and help the team any time the manager commands."

    Pochettino has also reiterated his faith in Spurs’ young players, with a number of youngsters that have come through the academy ranks impressing him during pre-season.

    Midfielder Luke Amos, 21, made his Premier League debut in Spurs’ opening day victory against Newcastle United on Saturday and the Argentine says he has been delighted with the contributions of his young players this summer.

    He added: "I'm so happy with our young players who won the ICC tournament. Of course, I laugh a little bit but we played with 17 or 18-year-old midfielders.

    "Why not show them trust and that there's a possibility of getting to the first team, maybe not for now, but in a few months or to prepare them for next season?"

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