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    Tom Cruise Avoids Daughter Suri Because He's Still In Love With Katie Holmes [Report]

    It's been seven years since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got divorced.

    It may be hard to recollect at this point, but there was a time when TomKat captured the public's imagination as effectively as Brangelina -- and their split came as just as big of a shock.

    But in the seven years since the marriage ended, the dust has settled in a big way.

    Holmes has mostly settled into a life of quiet domesticity, and while she continues to work steadily as an actress, her life is no longer the stuff of tabloid fodder.

    Cruise, of course, has taken a very different path, and the actor remains a subject of public fascination.

    Of course, these days most of that interest has little to do with his three collapsed marriages.

    Instead, the focus is on the actor's devotion to Scientology and the reports that Cruise has not seen his daughter Suri since 2013.

    At first, it looked as though those two facets of Cruise's life were closely related.

    The narrative went that Suri had been labeled a "suppressive person" due to her mother's decision to lead her away from the Church of Scientology.

    Now, however, a new story has emerged, with insiders claiming that Tom's split from Katie was so devastating that he has yet to move on all these years later.

    “Since his heartbreaking, very public split with Katie, Tom has been hesitant to live out loud or fall in love again and sometimes he feels like it will be OK if he never marries again,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

    So is Tom so deeply in love with Katie that he can't bring himself to spend time with their 12-year-old daughter?

    Well, not necessarily, the insider says. 

    Apparently, Cruise is actively seeking out Ms. Right, but the search has stalled due to the actor's fear of making the same mistakes he made with Katie.

    “Tom does casually date women, but never in public. He is always very private and he does not have a steady girlfriend,” the informant adds.

    “Tom prefers to romance women who share similar spiritual interests, which narrows his field when choosing a romantic partner.” 

    In other words, he's looking for a stalwart Scientologist.

    One would think that would be easy to find, given that Hollywood is crawling with Hubbard acolytes, and Tom is basically their savior.

    But apparently, Cruise is having no luck, and he's sworn not to repeat the mistake of rushing into an uncertain relationship.

    “While Tom enjoys falling in love, he also is happy being by himself and has accepted that, after three failed marriages, he may never get married again,” the source says.

    “He values his privacy and his religion comes before relationships or anything else, which is fine by him.”

    We guess that those are his priorities -- because it looks as though his religion has cost him his family.

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