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    These Natural Treatments Will Leave Your Skin & Body Feeling Rejuvenated

    Dukhan Sudanese Treatment

    We’ve all had days when it felt like a trailer load of shit had walked over us, over and over again. On those days, all we want is to have someone massage us till we go numb and fall into a dreamless sleep.

    Sometimes, it might not be our bones, but, rather, our skin that feels flaked, stretched, tired and suffering under the weight of dirt, sun and other harsh conditions it had been exposed.

    These three natural treatments we’ve listed below are guaranteed to make you feel rejuvenated, alive and reborn. The treatments all enlist the use of natural products and rooted in age old mythologies and processes.

    Dukhan Smoke Treatment

    With Sudanese origins, Dukhan is ritual bodily practice known in which the body is smoked with a special (scented) species wood. The ritual is mainly practiced by married women and women preparing for marriage in northern Sudanese provinces.

    The Dukhan Smoke treatment has many health benefits such as smoothing the skin, and narrowing of the vagina with women (the latter being useful after childbirth).  It also gives the skin a pleasant scent (due to the wood species used, usually shaff and talh wood.) that lingers on the body for days.

    Dukhan is said to also be useful for treating syphilis, gonorrhoea and rheumatic pain. In this circumstance, various medicinal plants (such as tundub, natron) are used instead.

    The ritual goes as follows: a woman is anointed with karkar (scented oil) and takes place naked (only covered with a shamla -which is a thick local woolen blanket-) on a seat with a hole in the center. Below this seat, a fire is lit in a pit and scented wood is placed on it, producing smoke. She remains seated until the heat becomes unbearable.


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