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    The Style Glaminarian’s Pick – 7 Predicted “It” Items & Trends For 2018

    As an ardent fashion lover, it’s important to always be on the look out for next season fashion trends. That way you can have a clear insight on what would become the next “It” items, decide which items best suites your style and ultimately prepare your wallets and closet for next season fashion staples.
    Towards the end of 2017, there was the emergence of some interesting and now fast becoming popular trends such as the fanny pack for instance. While we definitely agree that some of those trends just had to be buried with the year, a few others luckily made it into the new year with us.
    Fashion wise, 2018 is looking like the year for the bold and creative. If you followed up on fashion shows around the globe, it should  hit you as no surprise that the following “It” items and trends are just a few that would dominate the year. Some may be familiar from 2017 and others as fresh as the year.
    It’s no news that the Pantone color for 2018 is ultra violet so purple is expected to reign in different shades. However, if we’re to go by what was seen on Spring 2018 runways, lavender should have the ultimate takeover and become the It color for the year.
    2017 saw fringe on the rise and luckily for us, it would continue to dominate the fashion scene this year.
    This is a personal favorite. Check print was big on Spring 2018 runways last year and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere seasons ahead. Expect to see checks in full force this year.
    Fanny packs successfully re-emerged in 2017 and it’s safe to call it an absolute “It” item for 2018. If you think fanny packs are way cooler than before, expect it in bolder colors and various designs this year.
    Oversize statement jewelry are expected to greatly dominate the fashion scene this year so do not be afraid to up your jewelry game by going for much bolder options. Your outfit would have you to thank for it anyway.
    Sheer is fast proving to be an “It” item that is here to stay for good. It was predominant in 2017 and we definitely look forward to seeing more of it this year.
    If you haven’t noticed, micro bags are the new fashion approved bags to own this season and is an alternative to a fanny pack or clutch purse. It was in full fledge towards the end of 2017 and it’s predicted to be very much in the fashion scene this year.
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