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    The rise of a political mogul

    I sit and ponder at my country Nigeria. I muse and turn over in my mind how series of strategic planning by political movers and shakers along with the tireless work of some citizens ushered in an administration that we are proud of.

    On the far side of this layout are the APC chieftains, the likes of Comrade Adams Oshiomole, Arc. Bulama Waziri and Bola Tinibu et al. Now in a colony of political intellects, with APC at the climax of mending loose ends within the party, I am coerced into anticipating greatness for Nigeria. Amongst this cluster however is a munificent man worthy of recall.

    He is Arc. Waziri Bulama, a man who has perfused time and strength into this province. Having served the party for over a decennium, he has made manifest of his interest for the APC national secretary.

    A very calm and articulate Bulama will certainly complement the chairman’s personality, especially as it borders on reliability and innovation and reliability. The APC will undoubtedly be a solid organization if the party makes the right decision by picking Arc. Bulama.

    As a stakeholder of the party, a woman, a youth and a member of Bulama Support group, I am optimistic that this will happen. When I joined this noble cause it had just few members, within a span of one week I witnessed volunteers from all corners of the six geopolitical zones troop in thousands.

    I have seen immense hope in their eyes; they yearn and thirst for Arc. Waziri to become the APC National Secretary. What took me aback is the secretary of BSG Comrade Paul Oyiborolume and members of the group who have invested their time, resources and energy into the campaign for Waziri. The Founder of BSG Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri and head of strategy and planning along with members of the committee are at the apex of the whole lot, mobilising volunteers from all corners of the country. This gesture is one that deserves an acknowledgement of merit. As an observer and partner I am obliged to give an enthusiastic recognition to the group. Thus, Bulama is a man we are proud of.

    It is to no surprise that Comrade Adams along with stakeholders of the party made a redoubtable and distinguished resolute in the campaign by selecting Bulama at the zenith of the presidential campaign.

    However, the APC which has whirled around President Muhammadu Buhari since inception will need to make tough, quick yet strategic conclusions as to who they hand pick for the role of National Scribe.

    With the exit of Baba Buhari in 2023 the party will have to construct robust leadership structures that will give it a unifying footing. As a Nigerian and member of BSG, I anticipate that APC will position Arc. Waziri Bulama to serve as its National Secretary.

    My reasons span from the fact that he is cerebral, modern and calm, and the party will definitely make good use of his bundle of wisdom. He has moved solidly from the grassroots to the steep slope of Nigerian politics. He gives us, the young people in Nigeria, hope and conviction.

    The post appeared first on Daily Trust.

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