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    Ten Outrageous Jewelry Pieces in SS18 Collections

    So Paris Fashion Week ended, and before then we had New York, London and Milan. All the big brands have showcased their Spring Summer collections and we have seen all sorts of interesting pieces. Today I’m going to be sharing ten accessories off the SS18 collections, across many designers, that I find utterly outrageous.

    Let me know which one shocked you the most!

    Gucci –
    Everything else works – the frames and the neck piece – but why exactly is that crown on her neck? Did it fall off? So many questions.


    Forbidden fruit but make it fashion.


    Vivienne Westwood– I know this is weed but it can always pass as Okro if your Nigerian parent asks.


    Thom Browne– Anti-socials, where y’all at? With this little cocoon, everyone will know not to bother you. Not that you look crazy or anything…


    Dolce & Gabbana– Cars and cards. More cars. Even more cars. Even even more cars.


    Dolce & Gabbana– What exactly are these glasses?


    Maison Margiela– Is it just me or is this kind of gross?



    Vivienne Westwood-
    Cute but why do I want a naked man holding his crotch on my ear again?


    Chloé – I’ll certainly be needing this ring in a fist fight.


    Dolce & Gabbana– These are really huge carrots to accessorize with.


    Giorgio Armani– You should definitely wear this neck piece to your village in December. Don’t forget to carry a cane.
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