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    Tanzania:Manager - Seminar for Cotton Farmers On Course

    Mwanza — THE managing director of Ukiriguru Agricultural Research Institute, Dr Everina Lukonge, has said his institution will conduct a seven-day seminar to cotton farmers from several growing regions in the country on how to professionally spray pesticides in their farms.

    Naming the areas as districts in Geita, Simiyu, Shinyanga and Tabora regions, she said the seminar will also help them to acquire knowledge on how to prepare their farms in advance in every season to ensure good yields.

    Dr Lukonge noted that the institute will team up with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries as was further directed by the Minister, Mr Charles Tizeba that they conduct such a seminar to the farmers to reduce occurrences of pests which feed on the crop. She pointed out that the seminar will provide the farmers with guidelines on how to apply the pesticides in their farms with few or no side effects.

    She further said despite many farmers complaining that the pesticides have not been very effective; it was because they have not been applying them correctly. However, she pointed out that there was still a great challenge towards extending such a seminar countrywide, but their main drawback was shortage of experts at the institution.

    Contributing on the issue, the institute's Principal Investigator, Ms Epifania Temu named Aphids insects as some of the pests which still give them a great challenge

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