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    Sudan:Minister Says Resuming Border Trade With South Sudan Combats Smuggling

    Khartoum — The Minister for Trade Hatim al Sir said resumption of border trade with south Sudan will help combat smuggling of commodities and control the movement of trade.

    The Minister pointed out in press statements that this resumption of border trade would contribute as well in the development and in providing the national coffer with income that helps with development in the homeland.

    He said it was imperative to facilitate border trade and to reinvigorate it between the two sides.

    The minister underlined the keenness of his ministry to develop border trade with neighboring countries a matter that would lead to good relations and to integration between the various neighboring in all areas.

    He said these steps come within the directives given by the President of the Republic for resumption of trade with neighbors

    The Minister will on Tuesday lead a high level federal delegation to the White Nile State where he is to declare the resumption of border trade with south Sudan.

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