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    Sudan: Detained Eastern Sudan Activist On Hunger Strike Against Poor Treatment

    El Gedaref — An activist in El Gedaref state who has been arrested multiple times started a hunger strike because he is not allowed by the security apparatus to see a doctor.

    Activist Jaafar Khidir was detained in El Gedaref in eastern Sudan on Tuesday. His family said in a statement that security service members apprehended him and brought him to the detention office. "They left him sitting in his weelchair for hours, which resulted in a severe pain in his spine," the family said.

    The activist and founder of the Sunrise Cultural Centre in El Gedaref has been arrested more than once. They do not know his whereabouts and why Khidir was arrested on Tuesday.

    Because of his poor health, not being allowed to see a doctor, and not being provided a bathroom for people with special needs, Khidir started a hunger strike.

    The family demanded in their statement that the security service should release him and they would hold them responsible in the case of any harm

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