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    Street Mama: Taxify driver accuses a lady of ordering boys to beat him up, posts photos

    Taxify driver beaten on lady's orders, he posts pictures

    Their issues allegedly originated from a N200 difference in the trip fare on Taxify.

    An unnamed Taxify driver, simply named on the original screenshots to the story as, ‘Cool Taxify Guy’ has claimed he was beaten at Chevy View estate, Lagos on orders of a lady over N200 difference in Taxify trip charge.

    He alleged that he was beaten at a bakery type business called, Crumbles Chef Academy at Chevron Drive after the lady had invited him to come in and get his money. 

    Upon entering the building, he claims he was attacked with heavy objects by security guards who gave him scars.

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    Apparently, he also has videos, but he claims they were deleted from his phone by the mobile policemen at the estate’s gate. 

    He also claims that the owner of the bakery told him that, “any publicity is good publicity,” implying that he expects the driver to make the matter public.

    Here are details of the chat from which the claims came these;



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