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    Strategy: Here is how MTN intends to improve enterprise business in Nigeria

    How MTN intends to improve enterprise business in Nigeria

    The goal of this newly unveiled strategy is to drive up enterprise growth in the country.

    Here is how MTN intends to improve enterprise business in Nigeria.

    The telecommunications company has unveiled a new strategy aimed at driving up enterprise growth in the country. It’s called the 'Partner Program' and it is revealed to the world at the first ever MTN Fusion Summit on Thursday, November 8, 2018.

    At the event, which will be held annually, MTN told the large number of Nigerian businesses gathered why they should partner with the company and how this partnership would add exponential value to its enterprise business customers.


    Why MTN's new program is necessary

    The summit started with the Mr. Ferdinand Moolman, the MTN Nigeria Chief Executive Officer's representative, Chief Operating Officer, Mazen Mroue, who shared the story behind the new program.

    He explained how the BRIGHT operational strategy outlined below, led to the birth of the partner program and closed with this - "MTN's slogan has been everywhere you go, but today with the right partners, it will be everything is possible."


    Mroue was followed by Chika Ekeji of McKinsey & Company, who revealed how much is there to be made from the Nigeria Enterprise business- N 719 billion ($2 billion) to be exact. According to him, the market opportunity is quite vast which is why there is a need for partners, noting that $50 to 60 trillion is what a partnership offers on a global scene.

    He added that partnerships must have these two key approaches, capabilities and access, in order to really capture the value of the market.

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    How MTN intends to improve enterprise business in Nigeria

    Next was the Chief Enterprise Business Officer MTN, Lynda Saint-Nwafor, who gave a detailed analysis of the program and the effect it would have on both the partners and consumers.

    In her words, "In a bid to add exponential value to its enterprise business customers, as well as the broader business landscape in Nigeria, MTN Nigeria launched a Partner Programme initiative at an inaugural Partner Summit. The programme will materially change the way MTN serves the Nigerian enterprise market, enabling local and global partners to become part of the MTN Business solutions offering."


    "MTN knows that they cannot be the subject matter expert in every field in Information and Communications Technology and thus, we believe strongly in partnering with other like-minded companies. We are building a vibrant ecosystem of partners that share our ethos and values to empower Small and Medium Enterprises, drive efficiencies for Large Enterprises and work with the Public Sector to improve citizen engagement."

    Saint-Nwafor Saint-Nwafor also discussed the different kinds of partners and how they all play a major role in this programme.

    She said: "The Technology Partners are responsible for providing ICT and other complementary technology solutions and services. Capability Partners offer complementary value chain competencies, while Channel Partners expand channels or access to market."


    "MTN Partner Programme initiative will thus be geared toward harnessing the power of partnership in delivering the benefits of a modern connected future to the end user," MTN's Chief Enterprise Business Officer concluded.

    With this partner program, it looks like MTN has all it takes to improve the enterprise growth In Nigeria.

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