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    South Africa: Limusa Calls On Members to Join Cosatu National Strike On the 13th February 2019

    press release

    The Liberated Metalworkers Union of South Africa fully supports the National Strike of Cosatu that will take place nationwide on 13 February 2019.

    The working class in South Africa is facing a serious challenge of job losses and the sector in which we organize is seriously affected by these job losses. This Cosatu strike provides an opportunity for all workers to express their rejection of these job loses. On day to day basis we are confronted with arrogant employers who always think that workers are to be punished for failure of their management and this must stop.

    We are calling upon our ANC led government to take serious the demands of workers. As we continue to campaign for the decisive victory of the ANC on the 08th May 2019, we call upon the African National Congress to show workers that the movement is serious about making their lives easier.

    Our government must deal decisively with the lack of transformation in line with Employment Equity Act in the State Owned Enterprises. There is a perception that only White males are capable of leading in senior positions in SOEs like Denel. The management of Denel were prepared to even go against the Equity Act and recommendations of their own investigation to look for a White male to occupy the position of group CEO and overlooked other qualifying candidates based on their colour. We are going to fight with everything to stop such behavior.

    We say NO to Retrenchments, Racism, VAT increase, killing of teachers and learners at schools. We say No to the punishment of workers for the sins of some incapable management who do not want to take responsibility for their failures but always want workers to pay for their failures.

    It is for that reason that we call on Limusa members all workers in South Africa unite in fighting for betterment of their working conditions by joining the national strike of Cosatu on Wednesday.

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