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    Somalia:Aamin Ambulance Offers Free First Aid in Response to Terror Attacks in Mogadishu

    Nairobi — Mogadishu based medical emergency service provider Aamin Ambulance Service has launched a free first aid training in Mogadishu to train the citizens on first aid and emergency response.

    Aamin is further seeking partnerships with corporates and International nongovernmental institutions in its mission to ensure that more people are trained to respond to emergencies that look to be common in the country which has been facing internal strife for three decades.

    Already Aamin has in collaboration with the ministry of Education initiated a joint collaboration on first aid and emergency response training in schools and universities in Banadir region.

    Chairperson and founder of the ambulance service Abdirahman Abdikadir, stated that the students play a pivotal role in the society and it is important they are equipped with knowledge of how to handle emergencies.

    In the programme the educational institutions will be provided with the phone contacts of the ambulance provider for easy communication any time their service is needed. First aid and emergency kits will also be offers for free.

    "Most of our financial supporters are teachers and students especially those in the tertiary level. Now we have the ministry as our partners and we are grateful to help them the way we can," he stated.

    Abdikadir indicated that the experience of October 14 when over 300 people were killed in a deadly blast in the capital prompted him and several other doctors to organize the free first aid training for its citizenry.

    "We realized that apart from just being ill equipped. Our people also lacked the capacity to immediately attend to victims through first aid," he observed.

    "This is not just a PR exercise, it is a long term project and at the end of it we home all institutions and households will have people trained in first aid skills,."

    While applauding the medical service provider for its efforts in providing evacuation and first aid support to victims of the October 14 terror attack in Mogadishu, Education minister Abdirahman Dahir Osman said it was imperative students get basic knowledge to effectively respond during emergency situations.

    Osman requested the ambulance service organization to carry out first aid awareness campaign and train students in schools and universities in Banadir region to prepare for any outcome that will need quick health attention.

    "As we know, Aamin Ambulance service did a lot of work on emergency rescue on the 14thOctober where many people were saved thanks to their efforts and with the grace of God. On behalf of the government and my ministry in particular I extend our big gratitude to them for their effort," he said.

    Osman noted that schools must implement emergency rescue programmes to mitigate harm during emergency cases especially because of security challenges in the country adding that there was need for close collaboration with Aamin Ambulance.

    According to the minister, emergency rescue and first aid programmes have been incorporated into the national syllabus.

    "As a ministry, this issue [emergency rescue] is among our top priority awareness and we have included in the curriculum on how the teachers and the students can respond to emergency cases."

    The Director in the ministry of Health Abdulahi Hashi also recommended the program and offered the ministry's support.

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