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    Snapdragon 680 spotted in Geekbench, might be a 2+6 version of the 710

    Snapdragon 680 spotted in Geekbench: perhaps a 2+6 version of the 710

    Early indications are that the Snapdragon 710 is a hit with phone makers, but Qualcomm has more chips in the works. A Snapdragon 680 was spotted in Geekbench, which will be a boon for future mid-range phones.

    The CPU is listed as having six cores, which is likely a 2 + 4 configuration as we’ve seen before in the Snapdragon 650 and 808. Do keep in mind that the name may not be final – for example, the S710 was originally “670”.

    Which is to say that this may be a parred down version of the 710. The clockspeed of the big cores – 2.15 GHz – matches both the Kryo 260 in the S660 and the Kryo 4xx in the 710.

    However, the single core results (1,900) are higher than what the S660 scores (1,600), suggesting these are the newer 4th generation Kryo cores. Multi-core performance is slightly lower than what the S660 scores (it has a two core advantage), but that likely makes more of a difference in benchmarks than in real life use (where tasks rarely stress more than two cores at the same time).

    All in all this looks like a good followup to Qualcomm’s mid-range offerings. By the way, the test was done on a Qualcomm development platform with 6 GB of RAM. No phones with this chipset have been tested yet, but the 660 was first spotted in early 2017 and the first phones with it were unveiled a few months later.

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