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    Should Aso rock clinic be commercialized?

    Aso rock - Buhari

    Following the move by the presidency to commercialise Aso Rock clinic in order to enhance the services of the center and boost its revenue base, it has generated a lot of concern from the public as to how the N3.8 billion allocated to the clinic was duly spent. sampled opinions from few Nigerians to find out if the clinic should be commercialised or not…


    Adeola Gbadegesin

    The clinic should be commercialised and the money allocated to other projects in the country, since they cannot account for anything in the clinic.


    Module Segun

    I mean the whole thing sounds crazy, with N3 billion for the upkeep of the clinic, not even a single paracetamol can be find inside. Where is the money?


    Aremu Olubola

    They want to commercialise the clinic in order to still make more money from it, what a wicked world. Even if it is being commercialised, I believe no money should be allocated to it whatsoever.


    Auta Paul

    It should be commercialised because not even paracetamol can be found in the clinic. I believe when it is done more money will be realised in order to boost the state of the clinic.


    Osaro Odigie

    It should be commercialised because I don’t see the need of its existence without serving the purpose while it was made. The money allocated to it should be used for other necessary needs and not to the government purse.


    Babatunde Kayode

    It shouldn’t be commercialised because by doing so, the federal government will only expose themselves to external force. There is nothing special in having the clinic restricted to Aso rock residents use alone.


    Iribhogbe Mildred

    Everywhere you go in the world there is always a special candidate, commercialising it will only weaken the structure. I don’t buy the idea.


    Oladayo Emmanuel

    They should not commercialize it because we have our own general hospital, it won’t give them their own privacy. They should just upgrade it and put more equipment and it should be strictly for the use of Aso rock residents.


    Grace Okere

    They should commercialize it because it will give Nigerians the privilege to visit the clinic. I believe everybody is equal and the huge amount going in should be reduced and the clinic should be totally rebuilt with better facilities put in place.


    Funmi Akin

    They should not commercialize it because there is not even a enough facilities to promote the health of the citizens. They should use the money allocated to it to fund it and make it better.


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