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    ShopOfficer wants to simplify accounting for SMEs in Kenya

    Timothy Mwirabua, a 25 year old software developer, has pioneered a new and affordable accounting tool set to hit the market this week.
    Kenya’s ShopOfficer ensures accountability and transparency in small and medium sized service-oriented businesses (such as restaurants and nightclubs) by providing an easy and effective way to log all transactions as well as reward loyal customers with a variety of gifts and prizes.
    The app has already received widespread acclaim and even won third place at the 2015 Innovating Justice Forum, organized by HiiL Innovating Justice last December. Timothy, who is still new to fame in the tech and business worlds, notes smiling, “I was humbled by the gathering at the event. There were so many brilliant minds with unique ideas from many countries.”
    Despite his relative newcomer status, he developed a strong network of investors and experts eager to support his goals. Two thirds of small businesses fail from fraud and mismanagement, paving the way fro ShopOfficer to be a game-changing innovation in the market.
    One may wonder how this has all changed the young ambitious entrepreneur, Timothy. He explains, “We were a small tight-knit group for a long time and though we weren’t making any money, we were very dedicated. Now we’re expanding and have started hiring marketing and sales professionals.
    It has made the workload easier, but sometimes its difficult for us to let a bit of control go since we’ve invested so much time and effort into this. We’re becoming managers now and although it sounds nice, it’s quite the adjustment.”
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