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    Seven Best Green Concealer To Hide Redness

    Green concealer are a thing. Surprised? Green is a complimentary color to red so it’s able to neutralize red pimples, broken capillaries or redness caused by acne scars. If you have any of these problems, you need to add a green concealer to your makeup routine.

    Here are 10 very good, easily accessible products you can select from…

    The NYX corrector is perfect to fair skinned women and is very light-weight.
    This Essence Say No To Redness green concealer is sturdy and blends into the skin.
    This Urban Decay Naked skin corrector disappears under even the thinnest coat of foundation
    Seamlessly achieve smooth skin with this creamy smash box stick corrector
    The cover girl corrector comes in different color options and cover redness notably.
    This product covers dark circles and many other kinds of blemishes. Perfect for all skin shades
    The maybelline green corrector is super blendable and waterproof!
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