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    Roseanne Barr Is 'Seriously Considering' Cutting Herself Out Of ABC's Roseanne Spinoff Financially!

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    Roseanne Barr doesn't want to be the villain anymore!

    A source close to the disgraced sitcom star said she is "seriously considering" forgoing any profits from a potential Roseanne spinoff because she feels so bad for getting the show canceled with her racist Ambien tweeting.

    As we've reported, ABC has been toying with the idea of a spinoff that focuses on another family member in hopes of salvaging the ratings powerhouse without its controversial star.

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    Many critics rejected this idea, however, noting that creator Roseanne would still profit from the Roseanne-less reboot. For that reason, former showrunner Whitney Cummings even said this new version would be "a bad move."

    But it looks like Ro really does feel bad about making the cast and crew lose their jobs — because she's now apparently open to cutting herself out of the spinoff completely!

    A source close to the actress says she's "hunkered down" with her parents in Utah at the moment and just wants to help the people who suffered at the hands of her sometimes racist fingers, dishing:

    "Roseanne feels so bad about her antics she is trying to figure out a way to help people harmed by the cancellation. She's considering giving up financial and creative participation in a spinoff so the people she loves can have jobs. Barr holding on is a stumbling block."

    That sure would be nice of her!

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    Last week, Roseanne claimed on Twitter she was "making restitution for the pain" she caused — so letting Roseanne live on without her is a pretty good start.

    As for which character would be at the center of the spinoff, insiders say "the smart money is on Darlene [Conner] and her family." Naturally!

    As long as Ro-ro's out and Laurie Metcalf is in, we have no complaints!

    [Image via ABC.]

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