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    Roadmap for transformation of Yobe

    For someone who many thought was a last-minute choice of the party, the newly elected Governor of Yobe State, Mai Mala Buni, shocked the audience at the venue of his swearing in with what was undoubtedly, the most well-prepared inauguration speech in the history of the state. The speech spoke to the core issues at stake in Yobe State.

    Yobe State is sadly one of the states exposed to the debilitating effect of Boko Haram insurgency. About 700,000 people were displaced during the crisis. With the progressed been made by the Nigerian military, many of the deserted communities are now safe. But to allow IDPs return, govt must rebuild at least the basic infrastructure-boreholes, clinics, schools, market, etc. . Unfortunately , the past administration decided to close down the only IDP camp in state. So those in the camp became stranded and moved to settle in host-communities and unofficial camps outside town.Again,the PCNI commissioned the design of a comprehensive physical resettlement plan which proposed regrouping of approximate villages and resettling them in one safe location so that government can conveniently provide shelter and the necessary social amenities. The design also proposed upgrading of selected urban communities by way of expanding their infrastructure which has since been stretched by influx of people.Governemt can also take up this as a starting point.

    But what would probably be the most enduring legacy of Gov.Buni’s government if successfully implemented ,is the proposed 1-healthcare center-per-ward program. Many community health facilities in Yobe State have either been destroyed or, plundered by Boko Haram. The governor might have seen how difficult it is for communities in the hinterland to  access quality healthcare. It is however pertinent to add that, Government doesn’t  necessarily have to build a physical structure in every of the 174 wards. In responding to lack of access to quality HealthCare in Yobe State for instance, the PCNI organized a series of medical outreach programs in selected locations around the state. The idea is to give access to surrounding communities to benefit. Through the outreach program, over 45,000 patients with different medical cases  saw specialist doctors free-of-charge. This included surgeons, Orthopedics, Ophthalmologists ,dentists etc. . Yobe state government can adopt this approach especially for communities that still don’t have functional healthcare facilities.

    On the whole though, indigenes of Yobe state are positive about Governor Buni’s Plan to improve their living condition. His body language and words suggest that he knows exactly what he is coming to do in Government House Damaturu and that he had prepared ahead. It is hoped that,Gov.Mai Mala Buni would appoint the right people with the requisite knowledge and competence to lead this transformation.

    Musa Sule Damagum

    Yobe State University, Damaturu

    The post appeared first on Daily Trust.

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