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    Ram 1500 Lone Star revealed: It's what they call 'Big Horn' in Texas

    How important is Texas to the full-size truck market? Well, it gets its very own trim level. The 2019 Ram 1500 Lone Star was announced today at the Dallas Auto Show, making official what had always been assumed: that the Texas-only trim level would make its return on the latest Ram truck.

    If you should live in one of the other 49 states or Canada, don't feel too left out. The Lone Star is effectively just the Big Horn trim level with a different name and unique "Lone Star" badge. Officially, the feature list has it as a package exclusively available on the Big Horn.

    Be it Lone Star or Big Horn, the trim level exists above the Tradesman and fuel economy-focused HFE. The Ram SLT is no longer available. As the first trim level not strictly intended as a work truck, these more "civilian" oriented trims have chromed exterior trim (versus black plastic), nicer interior finishings (including a leather-wrapped wheel and cloth upholstery replacing vinyl) and a vast increase in available options. Realistically, most Ram buyers start their shopping trip at the Lone Star/Big Horn aisle.

    Like every 2018 Ram, the Lone Star will hit dealerships from El Paso to Beaumont in the first quarter of 2018, or within the coming months. It'll be built in Sterling Heights, Mich.

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