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    Raheem Sterling opens up about tough childhood


    The Players’ Tribune has run some incredible articles in the past couple of weeks, with professional footballers really opening up and giving an insight into their stories.

    Romelu Lukaku was one of these players – and now Raheem Sterling has spoke out to not only set part of the record straight, but also to inspire other people and show them that the sky really is the limit.

    He opened up about his childhood, from moving to England at the age of five, to working in hotels with his mother, cleaning before school to help make money and spend time with her.

    He wrote:My mum was working as a cleaner at some hotels to make extra money so she could pay for her degree.

    I’ll never forget waking up at five in the morning before school and helping her clean the toilets at the hotel in Stonebridge. I’d be arguing with my sister, like, “No! No! You got the toilets this time. I got the bed sheets.”

    Raheem Sterling's mad miss for Man City at Burnley

    BURNLEY, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 03: Raheem Sterling of Manchester City reacts after a miss during the Premier League match between Burnley and Manchester City at Turf Moor on February 3, 2018 in Burnley, England. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

    QPR move

    He also spoke about his mother’s reluctance to see him join Arsenal, noting that there would be so many other talented kids there – and suggesting that he joined QPR instead.

    Sterling said it was a great decision – and said it was not only his mother who shaped his career, but his sister as well, given she was the one who took him to training – and took three busses and gave up her entire evening each day to do so, sitting in a cafe waiting for him.

    He added:“She convinced me to go to QPR, and it was probably the best decision I ever made. At QPR, they didn’t let me slip up. But it was quite hard for my family, because my mum would never let me go to training alone. And she always had to work, so my sister would have to take me all the way out to Heathrow.

    Three busses. The 18 to the 182 to the 140. The red double-deckers with the blue wool ’80s vibe on the seats. Spent ages on those. We’d leave at 3:15 and get home at 11 p.m. Every. Single. Day. She’d sit upstairs in the little cafe and chill until I was done with training. Imagine being 17 years old and doing that for your little brother. And I never once heard her say, “Nah, I don’t wanna take him.”

    At the time, I didn’t understand how much she was sacrificing. Her and my mum got me here. My whole family played a massive part in my life. Without them, you wouldn’t even know me.”

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