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    Quotes From 10 Inspiring Women on Understanding Your Value

    Female leaders and founders shared their advice at the ninth annual Women in the World conference.
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    The ninth annual Women in the World conference in New York City brought together authors, activists, politicians, innovators and entrepreneurs to share their expertise and perspective about the strides women have achieved in the world of work and the progress that still must be made. But no matter what their background, these women at the top of their fields spoke candidly about to be an effective leader and know your own worth.

    Check out these quotes from 10 inspiring women who spoke at the conference:

    Leah Busque, TaskRabbit founder and Fuel Capital Partner

    Chef Dominique Crenn

    Chef Barbara Lynch

    Carmen Rita Wong, founder and CEO of Malecon Productions

    Maxeme Tuchman, founder and CEO of Caribu

    Mindy Grossman, Weight Watchers CEO

    Leila Hoteit, BCG Partner

    Christa Quarles, OpenTable CEO

    Diane von Furstenberg, designer and founder of DVF

    Carrie Gracie, journalist and equal pay advocate

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