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    Paul Gascoigne is still an absolute hero

    England’s hero of the 90’s

    Paul Gascoigne was always a fantastic player with a brilliant character and an infectious laugh.

    The Geordie midfielder played with a flair and smile on his face that no other play before him, or since, has ever possessed.

    Gazza played for his beloved Newcastle United as well as Tottenham Hotspur, Glasgow Rangers and Middlesborough.

    Debatably England’s greatest ever midfielder, Gazza won 57 caps for his country and became a national hero.

    Gascoigne will forever be remembered for his passion as well as his ability and his displays during Italia 90 and his tears after being ruled out of a potential place in the final, had England beaten Germany.

    Since his retirement, it seems as though the English media has forgotten Gazza’s brilliance and instead, decides to ridicule one of England’s greatest ever players, for his battles with addiction.

    Gascoigne, despite his troubles, has always been one of football’s nice guys and has shown his generosity by donating £1000 to a little girl who suffers from a speech disorder and is unable to communicate with her family.

    After reading about the girl’s disability and having had her speech-enabling machine stolen, Gazza replied saying that he would donate £1000 to the family in order to help them buy a new one.

    And he was true to his word.

    What a man!

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