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    Ozubulu Church Attack: Cleric Counsels Religious Leaders


    As condemnations trail last Sunday’s attack at the St. Phillip’s Catholic Church, Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government of Anambra State, Rev. Dr. Felix Nwosu, General Overseer of Christ Foundation Sabbath Mission, has urged religious leaders to be careful when accepting tithes, donations and gifts from individuals who allegedly engage in dubious businesses.

    Speaking with INDEPENDENT in Lagos, Dr Nwosu referred to speculations that last Sunday’s attack could be traced to suspected drug deals which went awry between people from that community who reside in South Africa, one of who reportedly constructed and donated the building to the church.

    Nwosu said: “Many people engage in dubious businesses and often come to donate huge money, pay tithes and sow seeds from such dubious businesses some running into millions of naira and the pastors accept without asking questions. This is wrong.

    “Parents should also be mindful of what their children do. Success from dubious businesses is not good success and sometimes it could back-fire. This has now led to bloodshed in the house of God, thereby desecrating the temple of God.”

    The cleric stressed that church leaders should minister salvation and talk less of prosperity, promotion, positions and protection as it should be in a position to save armed robbers, drug barons, prostitutes and others who engage in one form of criminal activities or the other through salvation messages and teachings.

    He maintained that when the pastors accept donations, tithes, seeds and projects from such people without minding how such wealth was acquired, the pastor loses his position as spiritual leaders who should guide them on the right path.

    He lamented that people who call themselves Christians engage in corrupt practices such as bribery, extortion, looting of companies’ or government’s funds, adding that churches should be a place to change and save such people, instead of encouraging sinful behaviour which will lead more people to hell fire.

    Nwosu however urged the priest of the Ozubulu church not to be discouraged by the recent attack and deaths, but should see it as a wake-up call for him to know that there are still a lot of people in his parish who need salvation, repentance and forgiveness and lead them to Christ.

    He commended the efforts of Governor Willie Obiano to get to the community and the church without delay, an indication that he was concerned about the lives of his people and what goes on within the state, even as he expressed happiness that some people had already been arrested over the attack.

    He urged the government to support those who lost their relations in the attack to give them succor, necessary and hope to move on even as appealed to the bereaved and the community to bear their irreparable loss.

    The post appeared first on Independent Newspapers.

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