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    Our Favorite Photos From the Wild, Tech-Filled SXSW 2018

    Brands and media companies brought their products to life and tapped into nostalgia in Austin this year.

    Every year during SXSW Interactive, attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in pop-up environments based on the hottest shows, games, media brands and more. From technology showcases to marketing installations, it's a playground for curious fans and culture lovers.

    Click through the galley for a glimpse of what the annual Austin-based festival had in store this year. 

    1. Skeletons snaking through Austin

    Tim Mosenfelder | Getty Images
    We're not sure who was behind this reptilian skeleton, but it was roaming the streets of Austin to kick off SXSW Interactive last week.

    2. 'Not Hot Dog'

    Jim Bennett | Getty Images

    Funny or Die and HBO teamed up to create this "Not Hot Dog" installation at the Silicon Valley HQ in Austin last week.

    It's based on a scene from the show Silicon Valley, in which character Jian-Yang creates an app that can identify photos of food -- but only as "hot dog" or "not hot dog."

    3. 'Three Comma Club'

    Jim Bennett | Getty Images
    Also at the Silicon Valley HQ house, HBO and Funny or Die created a section called the "Three Comma Club." There, visitors could shoot fake money out of a golden gun and dream of entrepreneurial wealth.

    4. Right at home

    Jim Bennett | Getty Images
    Fans of the HBO comedy could feel right at home walking through the  Silicon Valley HQ, which brought some of the show's iconic sets to life. Here, a section of the garage features character Gilfoyle's ... belongings.

    5. Paying homage to other futuristic films

    Tommaso Boddi | Getty Images

    On Sunday, March 11, Twitch and IMDb joined forces to stream interviews, game play, 1980s trivia and VR experiences to promote the Stephen Spielberg film Ready Player One, slated for a wide release next month. But they also had a physical installation at SXSW, which featured the DeLorean from Back to the Future -- the car of choice for character Parzival in the film's virtual-reality world. SXSW guests could sit in the car and even pose with a hoverboard.


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