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    Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola Call It Quits

    CREDIT: Source: Instagram @oliviaculpo

    Looks like Olivia Culpo and Danny Almeda have called it quits after 2 years. Olivia gave some hints on social media, showing off her travel reads “Burn the Fairy Tales” and “Braving the Wilderness”. The relationship has been rocky for some time now, proving long distance relationships and opposite personalities don’t always attract.

    (CREDIT: Instagram @oliviaculpo)

    Both Olivia and Danny have been dedicated heavily to their careers. Recent decisions on both sides have torn the pair farther apart. Already traveling from Los Angeles to Boston, Olivia has felt strained with the excessive travel. Not to mention Danny has anxiety over flying, especially alone without the team. Danny signing a new deal with the Miami Dolphins, may have been a breaking point for Culpo. She had absolutely no intention of moving from Los Angeles to Florida.

    (CREDIT: Instagram @oliviaculpo)

    In every career there are choices to be made, and Danny does not approve of every every choice made by his former GF. A few images, including nude shots, from Olivia’s Sports Illustrated photoshoot didn’t exactly go over well with Danny.

    With his more conservative views and family in mind, he’s not a fan of showing off so much skin. As she grows popularity in the public eye as not only as a fashion icon but body goals, she wishes to stay true to herself and knowing own her limits.

    (CREDIT: Instagram @oliviaculpo)

    Olivia and Danny both are on the path to major success but apparently not together, which is unfortunate because they were one of the hottest couples to date! Danny has unfollowed and deleted all pictures of her. Olivia still keeps her posts of support and love for Danny.

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