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    My husband is under my armpit – Shade Ladipo

    My husband is under my armpit – Shade Ladipo

    Wednesday, June 12, 2019 3:50 pm

    Shade Ladipo

    Co anchor on Stv Shade Ladipo has the most hilarious reply for those who see her and the next thing, ask her about the whereabout of her hubby.

    On a video she shared on social media Shade warns busy bodies to mind their business and leave her alone. The presenter even said her husband is under her armpit, or she may be left him under her car.

    Check on it:


    Happy Demonstration of Craze Day
    A lady who follows me on social media came up to me recently at a party gushing ‘Oh I know you from Instagram’
    Next thing ‘Where is your husband’ ‘This is my husband’ ‘Why is your husband not here with you’ 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Sigggggggh
    Aunty FBI
    CEO of Husband Question Limited
    President Of Keep your Husbands by your side
    On the real though, I get that question a few times & i wonder the logic behind it …. Are you genuinely curious where he is?
    Are you just looking for gist?
    Are you trying to see the man who married this crazy geh sef?
    Are you one of those who don’t think wives should go out without their husbands?
    What are the things social media people do when they meet you in real life that you don’t like?
    Let me enjoy my baby geh life in peace

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