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    Mrs Dee's Corner - Sorting Out Lecturers

    No be today e don dey happy...

    I had a classmate in school then that was really admired by students and lecturers because she was what anyone would term '' extremely beautiful". She was tall, fair skinned with big sexy eyes and a nice shape...

    If I as a female could be awe-struck by her beauty,you can imagine how the men reacted. To cap it up, she was friendly and didn't treat people around her as if they were underneath her. I really liked her and once in a while each time she was in the hostel, she would come to my room and gist with everyone.

    The only hitch was she hardly attended classes and the only time anyone saw her in the hostel was during exams.

    She was always going from one party to the other, lodging in hotels and travelling.

    Once exams were approaching, she would photocopy notes from classmates and read.

    A day to a scheduled paper, she begged me to explain some topics to her. I didn't mind because I knew I would internalize the topics more. I took out time to teach her but she still complained she didn't understand thoroughly. I tried my best to make her do. After the exam, I still asked her how she fared and her complaint was she didn't do well.

    Results came out the next semester and I had a 'C' when I checked hers, it showed an 'A'.

    I felt dejected that my result wasn't so good and felt worse that someone who didn't put in much effort as I did had a better score. I felt used and angry, if she knew she would still sort her paper, why did she make me teach her?

    I started imagining that she probably gave xes for marks and this kind of made me see her in a different light. She didn't appear beautiful to me anymore.

    *This is not a new thing nau...Infact sorting out is part of the Education system in Nigeria.......It is so wrong,it is now right.
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