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    Mondays Are For Manicures – 10 Care Tips For Your Artificial Nails


    Like every other thing in this world of beauty, artificial nails have their pros and cons. While they add effortless glam to our beauty and style makeover, when proper care isn’t taken, it can quickly become a health hazard for those who go that route.

    For care tips about artificial, scroll through this 10 pointers and take notes!

    • Go to a pro to get your nails. Nail fixing takes a lot of skill and it’s always advisable to have it done by a professional.
    • Ask your technician how to care for your nails between visits. Ask for filing and care instructions from a professional.
    • Leave your cuticles alone. Don’t let anyone at the nail salon cut or push back your cuticles. Breaking the seal between your fingernail and nail bed can lead to infections.
    • Your nail salon should be clean and also disinfect tools between clients.
    • Don’t peel off your artificial nails as peeling might yank off the top of your own nails. After they’re off, your own natural nails should look healthy.
    • Choose a nail technician based on recommendations from friends, rather than basing it only on location or price.
    • Your nail technician should wash their hands before working on your nails and ask you to do the same.
    • Don’t bandage or try to repair a damaged nail yourself. Go to a professional so you don’t get a nail infection.
    • Speak up if something seems off. Tell your technician if you’re in any pain after your artificial nails have been applied, because they aren’t supposed to hurt. If you develop rashes or itchiness around the fingertips or your eyes, face, or neck (which many women often touch with their hands), ask your doctor if you’re sensitive to one of the ingredients in your artificial nails.
    • Go natural now and then. Skip artificial nails occasionally, to give your own nails a break.


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