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    Michael Rapaport Saves Flight By Stopping Passenger From Opening Emergency Door Mid-Air!

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    This is crazy!!!

    Michael Rapaport was flying back to El Lay on Saturday morning on a United Airlines flight from Houston when a man on the flight apparently got up, walked to the front of the plane, and began trying to open the emergency door!

    Witnesses confirm that it was Rapaport himself who sprung into action, physically restraining the man involved and preventing him from opening the door with the plane thousands of feet in the air at cruising altitude.

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    Apparently, Rapaport saw what was happening and immediately jumped from his seat, yelling "What the fuck are you doing?" to the passenger in question before physically restraining him.

    Better yet, several former NBA stars on the flight — including Baron Davis, Ryan Hollins, and Glen 'Big Baby' Davis — rushed up to help Rapaport restrain the man and prevent him from opening the cabin door.

    The man's excuse? He claimed he thought it was a bathroom door, and not the plane's exit door. Uhhh…. OK.

    After the incident, Rapaport was all smiles as he hung out with the basketball players and enjoyed his new nickname "Michael Rapaport Authority," as you can see (below):


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    According to United officials, the FBI and airport authorities spoke to the man who tried to open the emergency door, and eventually released him — they say he was very, very confused and had been on the flight to go back home to Vietnam to visit his mother, who is ill.

    Regardless, an emergency was averted by the quick-thinking Michael Rapaport.

    How ’bout that?!

    [Image via Derrick Salters/WENN.]

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