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    Maurizio Sarri & Chelsea: Napoli lower their price

    Maurizio Sarri & Chelsea

    Last weekend Matteo Pedrosi, an Italian journalist who works for Calciomercato, claimed that Maurizio Sarri was close to being appointed at Chelsea.

    Pedrosi claimed that former Napoli boss Maurizio Sarri could be appointed as Chelsea’s new manager within “a matter of days”.

    That claim appears to have been slightly premature as Chelsea have yet to confirm that Sarri will be their next manager.

    And yet, on Thursday, the rumours claiming the deal is still on are still swirling about.

    Napoli lower their asking price

    If the rumours are true, the only reason why Antonio Conte is still at Chelsea is because the Blues don’t want to pay him off.

    If Chelsea sack Conte, the Italian would be owed around 8 million pounds in compensation.

    Conte, of course, has a contract with Chelsea until 2019.

    It’s unclear how Chelsea may be able to get out of paying that fee to Conte.

    However the Times have now revealed that Chelsea’s costs in signing Sarri could be a lot less than first thought. Readers are told:

    Napoli are willing to drop the price for Maurizio Sarri to £4.5million to encourage Chelsea to appoint their former coach.

    Sarri has two years left on his deal at Napoli, where he has been replaced by Carlo Ancelotti.

    Will Chelsea use the money ‘saved’ on Sarri to pay off Conte?

    ‘This weekend is decisive’

    Italian daily Corriere dello Sport also have a Sarri to Chelsea update today.

    CdS claim that this weekend will be crucial for Chelsea’s attempts to land the coach.

    CdS believe it’s highly likely that Sarri is heading to the Premier League.

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