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    Man catches wife cheating while using Google Street View

    Cheating couples usually have one biggest fear. The fear of being caught. So imagine thinking you have gotten away with your indiscretion and years later, you are nabbed, thanks to Google Street View.

    A Peruvian man has divorced his wife after he found out that she was cheating on him.

    The man had using Google Instant Street View to research the best way to get to a bridge in Lima, the capital of Peru.Man catches wife cheating Man catches wife cheating

    Coincidentally, he spotted his wife being cosy with another man on a street bench ,MailOnline reports.

    Though her face was blurred out by the app, he recognized her as she stroked the mystery man’s head ,who laid his head on her laps.

    The photo was dated back to 2013, meaning that was when the cheating occurred.

    Google Street View doesn’t show real time directions, old photos taken when the project was introduced in Peru, are used for directions.


    The post appeared first on Miss Petite Nigeria Blog.

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