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    London Tatafo season 81

    Is this another husband snatching drama or what? Let's find out.

    Yawa don gas!!

    A talk of the town wedding took place in London on Friday at the global hall and conference center.. na so gbege come follow the party. The man who got married is a popular town boy known as the "Joy of canning town".. that is if you translate his first name from his local dialect to English.

    Holalala... Canning town?

    Amebos whispered to Tatafo that this man is in a deep pot of soup because he wasn't supposed to marry the single mother he just wedded on Friday. The theme of the wedding party was gold, and a lot of guests in their full regalia trooped in to witness the event.

    Tatafo gathered that some people merely attended the controversial wedding just to see whether the man's legal wife whom he abandoned in Nigeria with 3 kids would disrupt the wedding... but....

    **See fear**

    According to those who know this popular canning town man.. it was revealed that the man abandoned his legal wife of many years in Nigeria, promising to bring her and the kids to the UK once he gets his papers. After so many years of waiting, he finally got his papers through a lady whom he married in the UK. But by this time, his wife had sojourned to a middle eastern country for greener pastures. She travelled when she didn't hear from her husband anymore and could no longer fend for the kids.

    **wipes face**

    But eventually, her husband finally showed up and apologised for his long absence. He explained that it was due to having no papers to settle down in the UK. He begged her to leave the middle East where she was working and return to Nigeria. So his wife left her base to returned home to the kids.

    After she arrived Nigeria he also travelled to Nigeria to ask her to prepare to move to the UK with their 3kids. He explained to his wife that he was no longer involved with the woman who assisted him with his papers.

    *deep sigh*

    The wife was happy and she became expectant, waiting for her hubby to do as promised. All of a sudden when the man returned to London he stopped picking his phone calls. Instead, a strange woman started to call this woman from London, threatening fire and brimstone, embarrassing her. The strange woman told this man's wife that the man was no longer interested in her, so she should stop calling him and move on.

    *Move on fire* Hian!!

    When the threats became too much the wife finally got through to her canning town celebrity husband, the man denied having anything to do with the strange woman that was threatening. But he however did not give a concrete reason for his long silence over his family's trip to the UK. He just assured his wife that all will be well.

    The wife knew something wasn't right. Her husband was acting funny.

    So it was a great shock when days ago somebody contacted the wife in Nigeria that her husband was getting married on Friday the 11th of august. She didn't believe what she heard until she saw the wedding invitation of her husband and a strange woman. She called everyone she knows in the UK to please help her stop her husband from marrying the strange woman.

    After the news of the wedding met the wife, a plan to disrupt the wedding was rumoured

    On the other hand, Tatafo snooped and found out that the strange woman that was about to wed this man was very aware that he has a legal wife and kids in Nigeria, but she was hell bent on marrying him. Investigation also revealed that this woman is likely the one that helped the man with his papers, hence she threatened his wife in Nigeria.


    The legal wife in Nigeria is totally broken right now because the wedding took place. Amebos confirmed that the wife is so bitter because her husband tricked her by asking her to leave the middle East where she was making a living to cater for her family.. but now she can't go back and there's no guarantee that she'll make it to the UK as planned.

    **which kind thing be dis nah?*

    Some people think that the man meant well for his real wife when he went home to ask her to prepare to come to the UK. But something or someone changed his mind when he arrived London.

    Mbok who come get the husband? And Who is the real wife?

    Mr Canning town you nor try at all. I saw the wedding videos and pictures. It was a very big and a colourful event. Colourful enough to send your wife to an early grave. Your wife must have seen them too and broken down some more.

    Chai dis kind thing nor good o! I await an update on this matter.


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    *Eyaaaaa I feel so sorry for the first wife...He probably didnt marry her legally that is why he married again without much ado.

    Na wah!

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