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    Lifestyle: The 'Avengers: Endgame' trailer hints at the death of another character in 'Infinity War' we didn't expect

    Shuri is shown as missing.

    In a quick scene in the "Avengers 4" trailer, Bruce Banner is looking at photos of missing characters and one is a surprise.

    • The first trailer for "Avengers 4," titled "Endgame," was released Friday.
    • In a quick scene, Bruce Banner is looking at missing people and a photo of Shuri pops up, hinting at her possible death in "Infinity War."
    • But the "missing" label doesn't necessarily mean she's dead.
    • The movie will hit theaters in April 2019.

    The "Avengers: Endgame" trailer is finally here and shows some of the missing characters following the events of "Infinity War."

    Bruce Banner is shown staring at images of people who are labeled "missing" following Thanos' snap at the end of the last "Avengers" movie, which as Black Widow notes, "wiped out 50% of all living creatures." Photos of Scott Lang (Ant-Man) and Shuri appear before Shuri's changes into a photo of Peter Parker, whom fans know did disintegrate.

    But the missing label under Shuri doesn't necessarily mean she disintegrated in Thanos' snap.

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    In an interview with ScreenRant back in July, actress Angela Bassett, who plays Ramonda in "Black Panther," was asked about her character disappearing with her son, T'Challa.

    "No. Neither did my daughter," Bassett said. "Shuri, she's a bright girl there in Wakanda."

    Bassett may not have been telling the truth or perhaps she didn't know it was spoiler, but Shuri could still be alive. As a tech genius, Shuri could be keeping herself and the rest of the Wakandan survivors hidden. The "missing" label could be a red herring to make fans think Shuri died at the end of "Infinity War."

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    Additionally, Scott is listed as "missing" in that same scene, but he appears at the Avengers headquarters in the final moments of the trailer.

    "Is anyone home?" Scott asks to a camera as Captain America and Black Widow watch the screen. "This is Scott Lang. We met a few years ago at the airport [a reference to "Captain America: Civil War"] in Germany. I got really big."

    "Is this an old message?" Cap asks Black Widow.

    "That's the front door," she responds.

    "Can you buzz me in?" Scott asks.

    So if Scott's not missing, that means that the surviving Avengers don't have all of the information on everyone's whereabouts. Shuri could easily be hiding in Wakanda working on a way to fix the events of "Infinity War."

    "Avengers 4" was originally set to hit theaters May 3, 2019, but the new trailer says April. Fans will know what happened to Shuri and everyone else next spring.

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