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    Lifestyle: Is Nigeria A Stressful Country To Live In? Zikoko Answers!

    The issue about a country being “stressful” to live in came to my knowledge when a report from Bloomberg rated Nigeria (Lagos) as the third most stressful country to live in.

    As our dear patriotic Nigerians would not have such report, most were against the report and of course took to social media to express their rant. Well, maybe for the older generation who are used to “hard work” and don’t see the stress in Nigeria, Zikoko an online magazine platform where youths discuss everything and anything answered the question.

    Is Nigeria a stressful country to live in? Please speak for yourself because my heart is already broken by the current light situation which is making me burn so much diesel to put up this post.

    Anyways, listen to what the youths have got to say and have a good laugh!

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