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    Leah Messer Gets Bullied By Haters: You Look Like a Stripper From All That Plastic Surgery!

    Leah Messer isn't messing around, y'all!

    The mother of three might be the most soft-spoken of all the Teen Mom 2 stars, but if you push her beyond her limit, you can be certain she'll give you an earful.

    Leah's temper is on full display this week thanks in part to a persistent rumor that she's undergone major cosmetic surgery.

    Online trolls say they have proof that she's significantly changed her face.

    Leah says they're just a bunch of jealous haters with too much time on their hands.

    Who's telling the truth?

    Examine the evidence and decide for yourself:

    1. Don't Mess With Messer

    Leah messer on camera

    2. Random Targeting

    Leah messer instagrams a photo of her messy hair

    3. Brutal Stuff

    Leah messer up close

    4. Surgical Strike

    Leah messier

    5. Under the Knife?

    Leah messer calvert photo

    6. Putting In Work

    Leah messer solo photo
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