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    Kanye West Thinks Deadpool 2 Stole His Sound… So Ryan Reynolds Responds To Clear Everything Up!

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    This is too good!!

    Kanye West apparently thinks the music in Deadpool sounds quite a bit like his own! Maybe… a bit too much like his own…

    And so he took to Twitter tonight to do something about it!!

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    Ch-ch-check out Yeezy's tweets about Deadpool and how he gladly (!) would have given music to the movies had he known (below):


    OK, so that's pretty weird, but also kinda cool?

    A Kanye/Deadpool collab would be fucking wild, right?! Ha!!

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    Fortunately for us, Ryan Reynolds jumped right in to assuage our fears, and tossed a ton of sarcasm Kanye's way (below):

    Ha!!!! Clever!!

    Let's just hope Kanye realizes Ryan is only kidding, and he's not actually gonna go talk to Celine Dion about… oh, fuck it. Y'all know Kanye took that joke seriously.


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    Hey, speaking of Kanye, uh, can we talk about how he's marketing his fashion brand lately?!

    He tweets a TON about it, but, uh, these chosen tweets (NSFW) from the past couple hours sure are something (below):


    Guess whatever works so long as it gets people talking?!

    What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?!

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