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    Just in: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 hands-on

    This year the moniker “bezel-less” is in every sales and marketing department of a smartphone company. While many companies like Samsung, Apple or even Vivo go for their first device with minimal bezels, Xiaomi has already launched the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2.

    There are a lot of improvements over the first iteration of Mi Mix. Xiaomi implemented a smaller 6-inch screen (technically, 5.99”). The display also has 18:9 ratio, making it look a little bit taller than the first Mi Mix's screen. We lined the two phones next to each other, and the new phablet is visibly smaller. It also feels better in hand because of the more rounded corners.

    The Mi Mix 2 has a ceramic body that makes the device way more slippery than usual. The camera is now protruded and has a golden rim. It might look stylish, but after several hours staying in the pocket, the bump already got a ring of dust around it.

    The camera itself is pretty good, and while the back is a fingerprint magnet, it can also be used as a mirror for proper selfies. Or not. We didn't have much luck with it - most selfies we shot like this were out of focus.

    The camera menu is simple, and the actual images that come out have accurate colors and proper contrast. We don’t want to jump to conclusions though because the complete tests are still ahead. We’ll just leave these images here so that you can get a first glimpse.

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 camera samples

    Xiaomi has improved the Mi Mix 2 in many ways such as the ease of handling and performance. Hopefully, camera quality too.

    But as the screen and battery capacity have been shrunk, the price tag has grown bigger (by $100). And it's no longer the single bezel-less phone on the market. So it's not all roses here. We’ll have to dig in deeper to be able to answer whether the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is really worth it. Stay tuned!

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