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    Junkyard Gem: 1982 Ford Granada L Sedan

      My parents bought a 1979 Ford Granada when I was an adolescent, and it proved to be a thoroughly miserable car (admittedly, it ran poorly very well and survived many crashes). Today's Junkyard Gem is unrelated to that Granada. For the 1981 and 1982 model years, Ford moved the Granada name over to the more modern Fox platform, dumping the Granada's Mercury Monarch sibling and replacing it with a not-at-all-sporty Cougar. Here's a very rare Fox Granada, spotted in a Denver-area self-service yard.

      The optional 3.3-liter (200-cubic-inch) inline pushrod six engine made 87 horsepower and 154 pound-feet, which was better than the 86 hp/117 lb-ft offered by the base "Pinto" 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine. The real Granada high rollers paid for the 3.8-liter V6, good for a mighty 112 horses.

      The 1982 Granada was more or less the same car as the 1982 Fairmont/ Zephyr, but with a hint of additional style and luxury.

      In 1982, a Granada L sedan with the I6 engine listed at $7,925 (about $20,600 in 2017 dollars), compared to $6,419 for a four-cylinder Fairmont sedan.

      Although just about all the performance tricks applicable to the Fox Mustang can be used on the Fox Granada, even a rust-free example like this isn't worth much more than scrap value.

      By 1983, the American Granada name was gone, presumably forever. In Europe, however, the Granada name lived on (with a completely unrelated platform) through 1994.

      Complete with 1955-industrial-film music and a forced sense of optimism, Ford pitched the "beautifully new" Granada as "built for a changing world."

      Look out world, here comes Ford!
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