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    Jenelle Evans Goes on INSANE Rant: David Eason is a Great Man and F--K YOU!

    Jenelle Evans is no stranger to the fine art of Twitter ranting.

    She's also very familiar with flawed logic, making excuses, and just being completely and totally deluded in general.

    And, lucky for us, she showed off each and every one of those skills this morning!

    Yep, while many of us were sleeping in or having breakfast or getting into some fun activities, Jenelle felt the need to hop on Twitter to defend David Eason, her homophobic husband.

    Why? We're not exactly sure.

    But boy, is it a wild ride ...

    1. A Match Made in Heaven

    A match made in heaven

    2. How ... Sweet?

    Jenelle evans kissy face with david eason

    3. Please Stop, David

    Jenelle evans smirks

    4. Not Good

    Jenelle evans just chills

    5. Yikes

    Jenelle eason and david eason pic

    6. Sigh ...

    Jenelle evans takes a lot of drugs
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